All computer services - $75/Hour (For the months of June 2014 through Sept 2014, $45/hour.)

Technology Training - 

Technology changes fast. I have been working professionally with technology since 2000. I also have over 10 years experience teaching and speaking to groups in a volunteer and professional capacity. If you want to become proficient with the technology in your home, call me or fill out this form. 

Training Topics
  • Microsoft Windows - Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced use
  • Apple Macintosh - Basic
  • Ubuntu - Basic
  • Gmail/Google Calendar/Google Drive - Basic, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Google Search - Basic, Intermediate
  • Internet and computer security - How to stay safe online and how to protect your computer
  • Android - Basic, Intermediate
  • Stay safe online - setting up your computer to stay safe online and what is safe and unsafe to open

Technical highlights
  • Taught seminars on technology at Gateway Country Store in Belden Village
  • Held classes at current and previous place of employment on a variety of subjects and software. 
  • Works one on one daily with over 150 users of computers, feature phones, smart phones and tablets. 

Home Networking

Setting up a reliable, secure network can be difficult. I can help keep you safe from snooping neighbors and get all of your devices online and talking to each other.


Whatever is ailing your computer can be usually be fixed in under 3 hours. Missing files due to failing hard drive, virus, slowness, ads, pop-ups. If your computer isn't running like the day you bought it, I can help.