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Personal Finance

I have been been personally researching and teaching Dave Ramsey's Financial Peach University for the past 3 years a couple times a year. My wife and I shared some of our story in the "Baby Steps" tab. 

Budgeting - A budget is simply a plan for your money. It puts you in control of your money. The cost is $75/hour (billed in 30 minute increments) for coaching you to create your budget. It is important that it is realistic. Before meeting, we will have a phone call and I will send you an email of all the items you will need to collect before sitting down together. If you have all the documents ready and numbers in hand, we can bust it out in about an hour and 30 minutes. If you still need some help getting the proper calculations for your income and expenses, this process can take 4 hours. 

Credit Report Review and Cleanup -  There is no magic wand to cleanup your credit report. The signs you see to "cleanup" your report are usually bogus. This is not a magic formula, it is just to help you walk through the process to identify what is valid on your report. From there, you add each item to your debt snowball to knock them out. The cost is $50/hour. Can typically run through 2 if not all 3 bureau's in an hour. After going through 2, if you want to end the session, I should have given you enough information to do the third on your own.