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Technology Training

Technology change fast. I have been working professionally with technology since 2000. I also have over 10 years experience teaching and speaking to groups in a volunteer and professional capacity. If you want to become proficient with the technology in your home, call me or fill out this form. 

Training Topics
  • Microsoft Windows - Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced use
  • Apple Macintosh - Basic
  • Ubuntu - Basic
  • Gmail/Google Calendar/Google Drive - Basic, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Google Search - Basic, Intermediate
  • Internet and computer security - How to stay safe online and how to protect your computer
  • Android - Basic, Intermediate

Technical highlights
  • Taught seminars on technology at Gateway Country Store in Belden Village
  • Held classes at current and previous place of employment on a variety of subjects and software. 
  • Works one on one daily with over 150 users of computers, feature phones, smart phones and tablets.